What is brown noise?

The name “brown noise” is a misnomer; brown refers to the colour of the graph of its amplitude vs. frequency, and is not a spectral colour at all. Brown noise is the reverse of white noise (random noise).

In white noise the amplitude of the sound at each frequency is constant. On the other hand in brown noise amplitude decreases as the frequency increases. So, it is smooth and sounds like a rumble or thunder.

While white noise is used for masking noise in office, brown noise is used for masking everyday sounds in home. E.g. if white noise is used in a room where there is a fan, it will sound like the fan is still running even when it is turned off. On the other hand, if brown noise is used in a room where there is a fan, it will sound like the fan is slowly getting turned off even when it is turned on.

Brown Noise is the one which has more energy in the lower octaves, than in the higher octaves. The use of Brown Noise is helpful when studying, reading or painting.

It gives the feeling of security, making one feel calmer. Brown Noise is supposedly very helpful in the treatment of tinnitus.

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  1. Brown noise is so called as it sounds like a mix of white noise and pink noise. It is mainly used for deep sleep therapy, meditation, insomnia cure and so on.

    Brown noise has equal amount of sound energy at all frequencies. After all, deep sleep, which is 3dB quieter per octave at low frequencies, can be considered Brown noise.

    Brown noise is a good background sound for relaxation, concentration and sleep. Noise machines, which produce brown noise, are used for sleep disorders like insomnia, and tinnitus.

    In addition, the unpleasant sound of the brown noise may help improving hearing, as the frequencies in the brown noise may be a good exercise for the ear.

    It is proven to be one of the best sounds for sleeping.

  2. Brown noise is a form of naturally produced sound, which is a low frequency sound that is known to help with relaxation. But brown noise is not the best option when it comes to sound therapy. Brown noise is characterized by a very noisy and rough sound that is produced by combining sounds at various frequencies.

    This helps in creating a sound that is different from white noise and pink noise, which are the other two types of naturally produced sound. When it comes to sound therapy, it is best to opt for white noise and pink noise.

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