How is ADHD screening done in adults?

As per the research and screening there are no definitive tests for ADHD.

The screening methods depend on the symptoms of ADHD and a few other things that the patient is going through. These include the psychological tests, interviews of the patients and their family members by the professional.

Psychological tests are done for attention span, orientation, intelligence and working memory. Brain scans are also done to check for other medical problems that could be the cause of ADHD.

The screening is done by the physician based on the symptoms reported by the patient. It is supplemented by a close questioning of the patient, with attention towards duration and severity of the symptoms.

An effective screening may also include IQ tests, neuropsychological tests and behavioral rating scales.

If any of these tests are positive, then the physician will refer the patient to an expert neurologist.

A systematic approach to screening ADHD is Vanderbilt ADHD diagnostic parent rating scale.

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  1. In adults, the condition is called attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Clinicians often use structured tests to diagnose ADHD in adults.

    For instance, a clinician may give the patient a performance-based test to measure the patient\’s attention span and the ability to focus. The clinician will also look for signs of hyperactivity and impulsiveness in the patient. Symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsiveness may include fidgeting, tapping one\’s foot or bouncing one\’s leg, squinting one\’s eyes, or talking excessively.

  2. ADHD is a common mental disorder that affects millions of adults in the United States.

    ADHD symptoms may vary depending on the age of the person and his/her symptoms. Younger people may have trouble sitting still and paying attention. While older individuals may have a hard time coping with daily responsibilities. The symptoms of ADHD may lead to an array of problems like forgetting things, disorganization, not completing tasks, difficulty in paying attention.

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